Why Interior Designers Need the Services of a Public Relations Firm


Your excellent interior design offerings are useless if potential clients haven’t heard of your company and your services. Advertising and word-of-mouth spread can cast a wider net, but why not take another step: hire a PR firm to be your voice and your vehicle.

How do public relations benefit interior designers? Here are three common advantages of being backed by a PR agency.

Establish a High-Profile Brand

When you hire a publicist, you boldly elect to build a high-profile brand for your interior designing business. With the help of a public relations firm, you have a much bigger chance of outshining other interior designers out there who are vying for the same client base.

A traditional marketing campaign is expensive. To launch yourself in the interior designing market and to showcase your unique services, a PR program is one of the most effective ways to realize your business goals without breaking the bank.

For one, you have talented writers on call to create your press releases and winning sales pitches. And if you need an online component for your business, the PR firm has figured out and has tested the waters. The PR firm already knows when, where, and how to present the information.

Get More Business Opportunities

Even when the housing market is saturated, there are still business opportunities to be had. When housing values drop and people have difficulty selling their homes, they may need your know-how in decorating and incorporating home improvements in order to attract buyers. With a strong public relations plan, you can make waves in home staging services that capture the imagination of potential home buyers.

And because the PR agency understands your industry’s strengths and weaknesses, it knows how best to position your brand to prospective clients.

No Time Wasted

Don’t waste time thinking of ways to generate publicity for your business. Even the more time-consuming aspects—implementing publicity plans and following up on media leads—are readily handled by your publicist.

The PR agency has the resources and the experience to perform the time-consuming writing of press releases, crafting and sending of pitches to media outlets, and meeting the editorial deadlines of various publications relevant to the interior design market. You’d be surprised by the creative ideas put forth by the press relations agency.

Don’t waste time learning about the different public relations tools, including ezines, media interviews, media kits, press releases, social media, seminars, and webinars. Focus on your business, and leave the publicity generation to the PR firm.

Life Insurance with a DUI on Your Record

How can I get approved for life insurance if I have a DUI?

If you have received a DUI in the last few months or years, you might find it difficult to obtain life insurance. In truth, the reason you have not been able to find a life insurance company to accept your application is typically because you have not applied with the right agency. This is the case for many people who unknowingly sign up for insurance with agencies that simply do not have the skills necessary to help you receive approval. Working with the right insurance company can make a significant difference in whether or not your application is met with approval.

What is Prudential Life Insurance?

When it comes to finding a life insurance company that will approve of your application, it is not that hard to find one that will stand on your side. Even though so many insurance companies are not likely to approve of your application within one year of obtaining a DUI, there are others that will charge you an additional fee. One company stands out by not only approving of clients with DUIs on their records, but also by not charging them an additional fee. Prudential Life Insurance may be the best option for you if you have a DUI on your record.

What factors will affect the price of my life insurance policy if I have a DUI?

There are a number of factors that may influence the price you pay for your life insurance policy. Your age, health status and criminal record will play an important role no matter what your circumstances are. The insurance agency will also look into your driving history to determine your risk of driving under the influence again. They may ask questions about your history with alcohol and take a liver enzyme test.

With Prudential Life Insurance, we will delicately examine your history to make a fair pricing assessment. A DUI charge that is at least 10 years old will have no negative consequences at Prudential and most other insurance agencies. Unfortunately, more than one DUI in the last 10 years will make it incredibly difficult for you to receive approval at any life insurance company, except with Prudential, where you can get approved for coverage if you have had a more than one DUI or DWI in the last 10 years.

What if my DUI is within the past year?

If you have just one DUI that is less than 1 years old, you should expect to receive a rating known as a Table 2 or Table B. With a DUI that is between one and three years old, you may receive a health rating of Standard Plus. DUIs over three years old are candidates for a Standard rating.

These ratings will come into play as you look at pricing for a policy. For instance, a typical man who is in his mid-30s might pay $98 each month for a policy if he had a Table B rating. A man with a Standard Plus rating would pay about $51 each month and a man with a Standard rating would pay about $65 each month.

What if I have two DUIs in my history?

Prudential Life Insurance does approve applicants with multiple DUIs in the last five years, but they will receive ratings of Table E or Table B, depending on the time frame of the most recent charge. A mid-30s man with a Table E rating would pay about $159 each month whereas the same man with a Table B rating would pay closer to $98.

How do I know if I am working with the right life insurance agency?

If you are not approved for life insurance because of your DUI record, you are working with the wrong company. You can turn to ChooseTerm.com to learn more about getting approved for life insurance with your current DUI status, or call them directly at 800-574-0245 Ext 101. Or Simply Fill out the form below to get a custom quote of life insurance with a dui.


AARP Life Insurance

AARP life insurance plan created by New York Life Insurance Company offers a wide range of options when it comes to selecting insurance policies. There are a number of benefits the insuree can let the family have after his or her loss but the prices (premiums) are high compared to most other life insurance plans in the market. For example, a basic term policy may charge 50% or more premium than other competitive policies in the market charge. The major reason for this high price is the addition of funeral expense to the policy in addition to coverage for accumulated debt and living expense of the family until they can get back to work. This is the right policy for you and your family if you can afford the cost and opt for such additional features.

The qualifying rules for a plan and AARP life insurance ratesvary somewhat from state to state, but all require that you are in a reasonable health condition. However, you will surely want to research more about the right policy before deciding to purchase AARP insurance plan. If you are one of the many who own other insurance policies but want an extra one that would compliment the existing features, then look else where. Because AARP plans are for those who are looking for a comprehensive life insurance plan and not for the parts.

There are certain things you need to look for while selecting AARP insurance plan. The AARP Level Benefit Term policy is one that lasts for a limited time and provides a protection of up to $50,000 in times of the insuree’s death. This policy is good until the insured person is 80 years old. The initial premium is low but gradually may increase. No physical exam is necessary and the applicant needs to answer a couple of questions to get enrolled. Extra Protection Term, on the other hand, provides up to $100,000 in compensation and the premium depends on the health history of the person. Another insurance plan called Permanent AARP insurance is offered for the lifetime of the insuree and just like the level benefit term, offers $50,000 during death. However, the premiums are low and do not change as the insuree ages. Guaranteed AARP insurance plan offers protection of up to $15,000 for the first two years and more for the lifetime of the insuree. Premiums are low here and do not increase over time, However, there is an additional mortality risk charge along with the premium.

What plan is right for you is a matter of your needs, ability and requirements in life. Simply choose the coverage from the four products and get a quote online. Most state allows online application. Note that, AARP is a reliable life insurance plan but not the most affordable one in the market. Many factors determine the AARP life insurance rates including your existing medical condition. There are many insurance carriers that provide the needed benefit for people who are 60 years or older, and they are better priced compared to AARP. So for instance, if you are suffering from a health problem and looking for a term coverage, just don’t expect to pay less than a top carrier. These policies are designed for people who are denied or can’t qualify for any other life insurance plan but need the plan anyway. However, the best part of this plan is the array of plans it offer and the amount of compensation that is given to the insuree without much physical examinations and questions So, smokers and drinkers are eligible as long as they are otherwise healthy and fit.

SelectQuote Review

Everyone is concerned with their family, the life they live, and what they will leave behind. In a time when smart planning is highly prized and discussed on talk shows and online blogs; it can be confusing to decide where to turn to protect your family with life insurance. With all the complex terminology out there let’s make it simple. Select Quote will help by offering and understanding of term life insurance. That is why a selectquote review can come in handy.

The Select Quote Company offers a timely way to view your life insurance options. The company makes it easy to locate the information you are looking for and offers helpful explanations of confusing terminology. The website advises you on the best way to figure out how much insurance will meet your needs by using such grading factors as: the length of time you will need to be covered, how much you expect to need for final expenses, every day debts, including mortgage, educational expenses for yourself or your children, and replacement of your lost income. There is a reason they are rated #1 in their field. You can be sure to get immediate service with the ability to use the website or speak directly to a representative.

Everything about your experience is customizable and the rate you are given is stable. This means that while stamps and gas may increase, the amount you pay to protect the future will never change. The process simply starts with some of your basic information. Select Quote is conscious of protecting the information you provide them, including online. They offer a secure website service. The company is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau which means quality.

It is not difficult to trust a selectquote review because when you call or go online and the company acts in your best interests. Their goal is to represent you and filter through the more tedious realms of buying life insurance to get you just what you need at the best rate. How do they do this? They stand in the breech and speak on your behalf to the life insurance companies for you. Select quote offers you someone who knows what you need and seeks it out for you. In a review of Select Quote you will find they only speak to the strongest and most dependable life insurance companies.

A concern when choosing life insurance can be whether you need an exam or not. Select Quote will help you find the coverage available to you at your specifications. Another concern is always cost. Select Quote offers you your quote free of charge. The amount you pay for your insurance is determined by you. There are no high pressure sales because the company is matching you with the criteria you specify.

Insurance is a complicated world when you seek protect your family at a fair price that is worth your money. With Select Quote there is no need to go it alone. You hear the phrase often used, “piece of mind”. In the case of Select Quote this is a solid truth and not a cliché.

Zander Insurance Reviews

Zander Insurance has been touted by radio talk show host and television personality, Dave Ramsey, as THE place to go for life insurance and identity theft insurance. Many insurance reviews about Zander Life Insurance are positive, because their business compares many different companies’ quotes and finds very inexpensive plans for clients. Some of the quotes come from off the wall companies, and at first I wondered if these were even reputable. How can someone in Southern California have a life insurance policy from a company in Connecticut. But after reading a number of Zander insurance reviews, I found that they vet the companies pretty well before including them in their quotes.

Zander Insurance started about 80 years ago and is a family run business out of Tennessee. They sell themselves to consumers based on low prices and good customer service. On their website, they even have Zander insurance reviews which tell stories of how helpful they are and the money they saved their clients. I am sure that many people can benefit from a reduction in cost of their insurance policies. With this particular company, you are looking at term-life insurance, which is to say you can get life insurance for terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. After the term is over, you are no longer covered and probably your rates will go up, since you are at that point older and in worse health condition. The goal of term life insurance is provide a cushion if you were to die until the time you had enough money in the bank to be able to cover your dependents in the case of your death. They have good prices for the amount of coverage you can get.

Although the Zander insurance reviews that I have read mainly focus on the life insurance policy, the company also offers auto, home, disability, identity theft, and health insurance. The one they really push is their identity theft coverage. Zander doesn’t make it onto some top ten identity theft insurance reviews, but the company prides it’s self on the fact that they can really cover all aspects of the identity theft, unlike credit monitoring companies. In Zander insurance reviews, the identity theft program is highly recommended for their recovery help. Once your identity has been stolen, the company is very good and thorough in correcting and rectifying any problems that have come up. Their detection and prevention of identity theft isn’t quite as great or reliable. They don’t scan black market sites very frequently and don’t really go to great lengths to catch identity theft early. But for the price and their promise and help of restitution, it isn’t that bad of a deal.

Overall, Zander insurance is a good medium sized company focused on customer service and trying to get a good
price for their clients.

Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Millions of people apply and qualify for life insurance no medical exam insurance. The applicant must answer a few health questions. Their answers usually determine whether or not they are required to submit to a medical exam. Thousands of companies are offering this type of insurance to people who are looking for a different type of insurance. The majority of people who qualify for life insurance without taking a medical exam receive “term” life insurance. Term life is available in increments. For instance, some individuals opt for a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 year insurance plan. For most people this is an investment policy. Individuals, who are a certain age or have a terminal illness, may choose term life insurance for obvious reasons.

When used as an investment tool, term life insurance can cover the expenses of burial and hospital costs. Individuals can choose the amount of coverage they want. For instance, some people may choose a 20 year policy for $50,000. After the funeral expenses, medical bills and other costs are deducted from the policy amount, the family can spend the remainder of the money, any way they choose. Not taking a medical exam to qualify for insurance attracts the attention of a lot of people. If most individuals were to take a physical for life insurance, they probably won’t qualify for coverage.

Most whole life policies require their potential customers to pass a medical exam, before they are approved for life insurance. This is due to the fact that many people are seriously or terminally ill, when they decide to take out a sizable policy. If the individuals should pass away in a short time, the insurance company is obligated to pay the value of the policy. For this reason, many insurance companies do not accept most people do are terminally ill, and if they do the insurer is charged a hefty monthly premium. Many insurance companies are making taking a physical a medical requirement, for applicants who wishes to take out a large policy on themselves.

Because most individuals will not pass a physical exam, they choose to pay the extra money, and take out term life instead. The majority of companies that offer term life insurance do not require applicants to undergo a complete medical exam. Term life insurance allows thousands of people with questionable medical histories to apply and qualify for burial insurance. Life insurance no medical exam needed insurance plans, are becoming very popular among thousands of insurers.

Many popular and well known insurance companies are advertising the No medical exam needed ad, on the internet. This is sure to attract a lot of new customers, who are looking for life insurance.